ARS-14 MHD Angular Rate Sensor

The ARS-14 is our most sensitive angular rate sensor, designed to work in a variety of high-performance applications, such as line-of-sight stabilization and precision motion control systems. The  ARS-14 has sub-nanoradian angular resolution and low sensitivity to linear acceleration inputs making it ideal for use in highly dynamic environments such as aerial and ground-based vehicles. The ARS-14 also features low power consumption making it a candidate for application where power is limited. The assembly is compact, rugged, and capable of handling environmental extremes without affecting performance. The ARS-14 can be space qualified. The ARS-14 has a wide -3dB frequency range from less than 2 Hz to more than 1,000 Hz. The scale factor of the ARS-14 is nominally 20 Volt/(rad/sec) but can be customized based on customer requirements.

 ARS-14 Angular Rate Sensor

  ARS-14 MHD Angular Rate Sensor

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Custom scale factors and ranges are available.  

ARS-14 Angular Rate Sensor


ATA's patented magneto-hydrodynamic angular motion sensors use the finest materials and workmanship combined in durable packages that  feature:

   - Dynamic range > 120 dB
Low power consumption
Low cross axis angular sensitivity
Low linear acceleration sensitivity
Integral electronics/low noise
One-year warranty against defects in
      materials and workmanship on
      sensors, 90 days on cables

This product is subject to U.S. Government approval as required in accordance with the U.S. Government International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Subchapter M, Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120 through 130 (22 CFR 120-130).

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



   ARS-14 MHD Angular Rate Sensors

ARS-14 Angular Rate Standard Range1 ± 0.5 radians/sec
ARS-14 Angular Rate Standard Scale Factor2 20 Volt (rad/sec)
Bandwidth, -3dB in testing < 2 to 1000 Hz
Cross-axis Angular Error < 2 %
Linear Acceleration Sensitivity 1 x 10-6 radians/g
Noise Equivalent Rate3 < 5 x 10-6 radians/sec rms
Noise Equivalent Angle3 < 50 x 10-9 radians rms
Non-linearity < 0.25%
Temperature Coefficient4 < 0.3% Scale Factor / ºC
Power Dissipation < 0.2 Watts
Output Impedance < 100 Ohms
Grounding5 Case isolated from signal common by 1MΩ  minimum



ARS-14 Pinout
ITT, MDM-9S MIL-83513

Pin Std. Color Connection Pin Std. Color Connection
1 Black Temp - 6 6 Green +15VDC7
2 Brown Temp + 6 7 Blue -15VDC7
3 Red Power/Signal Ground 8 Purple Power/Signal Ground
4 Orange Signal Out 9 Gray Case Ground
5 Yellow N/C      

Temperature – Operating

-30ºC to +50ºC

Temperature - Non-operating

-40ºC to +60ºC



              1. Based on a +/- 10V output voltage swing.

              2. Measured @ 10 Hz, custom scale factors available.

              3. Over 1-1000 Hz.

              4. Percent change in Scale Factor per °C @ 10 Hz.

              5. Signal common may be connected to case if required.

              6. Analog Devices AD590 2 Terminal IC Temperature Transducer.  

              7. Symmetric bipolar power supply +/-VDC up to +/-18VDC; output voltage range will
                  be approximately +/-4VDC up to +/-17VDC.