Angular Rate Sensors

ATA is the industry leader in the design of rugged, precision angular rate sensors. Used for everything from crash and ejection testing, to precision platform stabilization and line-of-sight imaging, our sensors are available in both commercial and space-qualified versions. 

Since 1984, our reputation has been built by providing our customers with the finest angular rate sensors available as well as providing applications and long-term customer support. ATA’s designs have proven superior on the ground, in the air, and in extended space flight. We combine our patented magneto-hydrodynamic technology with the finest machined components, rugged microelectronics, durable plastics, and encapsulating resins to make sensors that survive the harshest environments. Each sensor is dynamically tested and calibrated to exacting standards.  To learn more about the history of ATA's Angular Rate Sensor technology, please click here.

What is an Angular Rate Sensor (ARS)?

ATA’s MHD ARS precisely sense and measure jitter disturbances (e.g., base motion jitter) to the nano-radian (nrad) level.

Nano-radians are very small angles, for example: 1 nrad is about the diameter of a dart board from earth to the moon.

Angular Rate Sensor

Angular Rate Sensor Packages

ATA’s Angular Rate Sensors are based on the principles of magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD). ATA’s patented products exhibit a number of unique beneficial characteristics including: 

• A dynamic range exceeding 100 dB

• Low noise floor less than 40 nanoradians

• Broad bandwidth from ~1 to >1000 Hz

• No moving parts for reliability and ruggedness

• Very low cross-axis sensitivity

• Low linear acceleration sensitivity

• Integral electronics for maximum signal-to-
  noise ratio

 MHD Angular Rate Sensors
 ARS-14 Angular Rate Sensor

The ARS-14 is one of our most sensitive angular rate sensors, designed to work in a variety of precision motion control applications, such as line-of-sight stabilization and precision motion control systems. The ARS-14 exhibits a noise equivalent angle (NEA) of less than 50 nrads rms over a 1-1000 Hz integration bandwidth.
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ARS-14 Product Specification Sheet  

 MHD Angular Rate Sensors

 ARS-16 Angular Rate Sensor

The ARS-16 has an industry leading angular rate sensor that exhibits a noise equivalent angle (NEA) of less than 40 nrads rms over a 1-1000 Hz integration bandwidth. The ARS-16 also exhibits very low linear acceleration sensitivity ideal for precision angular stabilization in high linear vibration environments.
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ARS-16 Product Specification Sheet

Calibration and Testing Services

Calibration and Test Services

ATA's Calibration and Testing Services include test planning design and execution, space qualification, custom calibration, device and system characterization. We also calibrate other manufacturers sensors and accelerometers on a custom order basis. Calibration of angular motion and vibration sensors from DC to 2,000 Hz can be performed using our dynamic calibration systems, and our shock testing can evaluate impacts from 50g to 2,000g. We can supply rate sensors and accelerometers on a custom order basis for distributors and customers.